What A Time To Be Alive


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"what a time to be alive"

this debut ep is the culmination of long nights, cold rooms
spending far too much time in digbeth, mistakes and reruns
all the songs we wrote and discarded
all the shows in cars our dad's drove
doing what we could what what we could do was our all
gear we bust, gear we borrowed and never gave back
all the subway we ate and the friends we made.

what a time to be alive


released March 16, 2015

All music and lyrics by ENQUIRY
Recorded and Produced by Charlie Kellie of Big Tree Audio

Released through Jealous Lovers Club
Purchase 'What A Time To Be Alive' via: jealousloversclub.bandcamp.com/album/what-a-time-to-be-alive



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ENQUIRY! Birmingham, UK

• noise pop trio •
Digbeth, UK

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Track Name: Stop Wasting Time (You're Going To Die)
stop wasting time, you're wasting all yr life
lie to yrself and try
build something better before you die

i know we'll be alright, telling myself that i'll be alright
if i try, i will believe i am right

stop wasting all your life
don't buy flowers they die
take a chance, it's worth
if we make it through the night, i know we'll be alright
Track Name: Texas, Honey
why don't you laugh it off?
life is easier when you don't give a fuck
i don't know how you stay up

skin thinner

i hope that i'm shrapnel
to your heart all the time
(you are making your way, you are trapped in the cold)
Track Name: "P" Is For Psycho
in the end, i knew we were different inside
& we'd changed
& it's hard but hard is to hold on
& oh how I wish I could be less like myself

& i try but the closer i look the further i feel
& i hate that i'm here again

in the end, our distance felt close enough
but not close enough to touch
& we tried, we're searching for answers
well god knows i'm willing, i'm dulled & i'm done

& i try but the closer i look the further i feel
i'm my own constant reminder of my own mistakes

(do i feel nothing or do i feel everything, all again)